Summit Equity Group

Our History

Summit Equity Group is a private investment group that was founded in 2004 for the purpose of identifying and acquiring small to medium sized private companies and providing them the resources necessary to realize their full potential. Summit Equity Group’s focus is on the long-term growth, success, and value of its holdings. The members of Summit as well as our investment partners are dedicated to this philosophy and as such, we do not make our decisions based on external pressures or arbitrary time constraints.

The Summit Advantage

Personal Investment
Our managing partners have their own money invested in every acquisition made. Because of this, each company receives the resources and energy needed to make it succeed.
We are proud to include in our investor group several previous owners of companies Summit has acquired. People that have gone through a transaction with us have then invested along side us on future opportunities.
Market Expertise
We operate in the small to medium sized private equity market. Summit has the ability to recognize the value in these firms and the expertise and financial capabilities to effectively structure and close on these types of transactions.
Summit Equity Group understands the culture and values of the companies it works with and aims to preserve the company’s established reputation and legacy as well as the security of its employees after the transaction is completed.
Summit Equity Group has expertise and experience in handling acquisitions. As such, we are able to work quickly and efficiently on putting together and closing deals.
We have the ability to move quickly and confidentially in both the evaluation and due diligence processes.
The managing partners of Summit, not an outside, uninvolved pool of investors, decide what is the best structure for each transaction.
We are an honest, professional, and straightforward negotiation partner.